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Educational Complex Arthman (the best urban art) with the official license of the country's Technical and Vocational Training Organization (affiliated to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs) with the aim of raising the level of knowledge, information and knowledge of students, students and professors ... Based on a curriculum program that was established in a given time period, it resulted in obtaining a credible certificate of professional skill of the country's technical and vocational training organization.

Technical and vocational education refers to training that prepares a person for a particular profession and professional development, or to progress the skill and ability of an employee.

The aim of the technical and vocational training institutes is to train specialists with practical skills and workshops and to enter the business market.

The content of the up-grade art education is completely standardized and approved by the technical and professional organization of the country, and all the training courses are of a standard code of work and desirability. At the end of each educational period, successful graduates will be awarded the Certificate of Complex Mann and the credential of the country's professional technical and vocational organization, and endorsed by the Ministry of Labor (equivalent to four years of work experience).


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